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Information about Virtual Escape City


Virtual Escape City is more than just an online escape room:

  • A special download gives you access to the VEC Entrance Hall – an immersive technology
  • Choose your avatar and dive into a new dimension of rooms, houses and even entire cities.
  • Solve puzzles and chipers, hunt through mazes, drag-and-drop items and even fly thorugh space
a man and a woman standing in front of a store

Virtual Escape City offers a dynamic, unique and memorable immersive experience. It will be incredible and new entertainment for the whole family, colleagues, friends and children!

This is what our customers have said:

  • “Wow, the first online Escape Game in 3D. Unbelievable – I was completely immersed from the start and my friends had a blast!” – Ralf
  • “Great platform – very useful, intuitive and futuristic. Keep up the good work!” -Armilda

Escape corona boredom and social distancing quarantine – together with your friends and fellow players in 3D you beat the best time. Whenever you want, from wherever you want and as often as you want!